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In-Store Fittings

Schedule a group fitting at the store with our experienced staff. This is ideal for pointe shoe fittings or if a large group order is being made and you would like to be sized together.

POINTE SHOE PARTIES are great for studios with first time pointe students who wish to be fitted together with their teacher present. We make this pivotal moment memorable with pointe certificates, pointe shoe decorating, photo ops, and freebies. Call us today to schedule your group fitting or pointe shoe party at (678) 401-5718

Studio Fittings

Let us bring our store to you! We have relationships with many local and long distance studios, and will travel to bring your studio requirements to ensure each student has exactly what they need for the dance year. You can also catch us at your favorite local dance conventions!

Start scheduling your On-Site fitting by getting in contact with our Fitting Manager